Tom Pitts: Exclusive 2021 AAO Webinar (Inglés)

Discover the Benefits of Passive Self-Ligation Pitts21 with Dr. Tom Pitts in this Exclusive 2021 AAO Webinar.

Revolutionary Efficiency: Learn how Passive Self-Ligation Pitts21 optimizes the orthodontic process, reducing treatment times and office visits.

Enhanced Patient Comfort: Discover how this innovative approach provides patients with a more comfortable and gentle experience during orthodontic treatment.

Precise and Stable Results: Master techniques that ensure consistent and long-lasting results, achieving perfectly aligned occlusion and smile.

Improved Aesthetics: Learn how Passive Self-Ligation Pitts21 allows for a more aesthetic appearance during treatment, increasing patient satisfaction.

Advanced Clinical Practice: Elevate your professional skills with the expertise and knowledge of Dr. Tom Pitts, a leading authority in orthodontics.

Cutting-Edge Innovation: Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in orthodontics and offer your patients the best in advanced treatments.


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